An early stage consumer startup incubator and
seed captial fund that advises and invests in amazing
entrepreneurs looking to change the world
Building great consumer startups for over 20 years that
achieve hypergrowth with hundreds of millions of happy customers
Helping startups identify cutting edge trends
to build products that will change the world
The best growth experts in the business
teach how to scale consumer startups using
viral marketing and other growth techniques
to achieve hypergrowth
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Maven Ventures Growth Labs is honored to have assembled a team of mentors who are simply the best and brightest minds in the consumer growth space who’ve helped to build some of the largest internet and mobile consumer brands like: facebook, twitter, linkedin, quora, airbnb, livingsocial, zynga, bebo, tango and others.



Maven Ventures has been an exceedingly-helpful investor. Their background in consumer startups gives them great insight into our business, and their introductions have been spot on.

Eric Romo
CEO & Co-Founder of AltspaceVR

Jim and the Maven team are true partners and go the extra mile to support Pley. Jim's insight on the product was instrumental for our growth, we met some of our most valuable advisors through the Maven ecosystem and the Maven team has played an important role with investor introductions through our fundraising efforts.

Ranan Lachman
CEO & Co-Founder of Pley

"From the start, Jim was instrumental in helping us focus our strategy on becoming the leading mobile video call platform. His insights and expertise in consumer UI, viral marketing, & the smartphone market are invaluable, as are his incredible senior level contacts in both the industry and the venture capital community. He's also great to work with."

Uri Raz
CEO/Co-Founder of Tango

"He’s played an integral part in shaping Pageonce and helping us grow into the mobile personal finance leader we are today. Jim brought consumer experience and helped us successfully raise financing at a high valuation. He has also done a terrific job of recruiting and hiring top talent to the team, including our new COO, the former GM of Yahoo Finance!”

Guy Goldstein
CEO & Founder of Pageonce

"Probably the best decision we made in 2008 was bringing Jim on board. He mentored us through the fundraising process and has always been an invaluable, highly dependable resource for us to build our company. Jim has reached out to his network and helped us with a jump start that as a young startup we could have only dreamed about."

Vikas Gupta
Co-founder/CEO, Jambool & SocialGold

"As a member of our board, Jim has been an invaluable resource in helping to drive user growth and engagement through his product insights and expertise with viral marketing techniques and their application to social media."

Jamie Hall
Co-Founder and CTO of MocoSpace

"Jim has been a true asset for birthdayalarm. He comes with a wealth of relevant knowledge and experience including online advertising, consumer internet and business development. Jim has helped in all aspects, from the revenue strategy to product decisions. He has also made introductions to key business partners and helped negotiate deals."

Lucinda Wirth
CEO, birthdayalarm

"Jim is the kind of business guy that engineers really enjoy working with. He's got tons of domain experience, great ideas, lots of enthusiasm, and he genuinely enjoys the challenge of making great products that can be built to scale for millions of users.”

Adam Platti
former Senior Software Engineer Bebo.com

“I interacted with Jim on many occasions while he was at Bebo. He is a sharp business lead with great instincts and a terrific understanding of how to position a start-up for success. Jim always challenged us and made VideoEgg a stronger organization in the process. In fact, he was the inspiration for our overlay video ad offering. Without Jim and our partnership with Bebo, I am not sure we would have progressed as quickly. I would work along side Jim in a heartbeat.”

Troy Young
Chief Marketing Officer, VideoEgg

“Jim was a great Businesss Development and Corporate development leader at Friendster. He was aggressive and focused, and brought us great deals -- both for generating revenue and expanding the reach of our business.”

Kent Lindstrom
Former CEO, Friendster


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